April Update

I hope you are enjoying the spring and the changing seasons. It has been a few years since I have seen everything turn green here, and I am really enjoying it! I thought I would post a quick update to get you caught up on all the things going on.

The last few months I have been on furlough and based at home in central Pennsylvania. The holidays were particularly wonderful as I was able to spend time with my family as we welcomed two new additions. My brother and his wife had twins just a few days before I arrived home, and since then I have been doing my best to try and spoil those babies! It has been wonderful to be home for this and to get to know these little people the last few months.

While I have been home I have also been traveling and visiting with my partners as well as with potential partners. As you know, it takes a vast network of partners who are willing to walk alongside missionaries and support them as they are on the field. During this furlough I am making the important transition to full-time missionary with CMF, which is very exciting. With this transition, my budget changes as well, to include better health insurance, as well as retirement benefits, all the things that I would need from a full-time job.

As a result I have been talking with several churches and seeking new partners in this wonderful ministry. I am currently about 65% funded, which is awesome! If you think of a church that may be interested in hearing from me, shoot me an email!

During this furlough another transition is taking place. As most of you know already, I will be moving from Nairobi, Kenya to Zomba, Malawi when I return to Africa. I will be joining the CMF team there as they seek to minister to a vast church network in Southern Malawi through CHE and a seminary. I am really excited for this move, and although I will greatly miss the ministry and team in Nairobi, I am ready for the challenges of a new ministry. I will have more to say on all that later, so stay tuned!

Since my furlough is running a little longer than I had originally intended I enrolled in some online classes at Messiah College. These classes are in the higher education program which seeks to equip people who are planning on working at an institution of higher education. I am almost finished with my first class, College and University Environments, and I have really enjoyed the coursework and topics covered in the material.

Please continue praying for the ministries in Nairobi and Zomba. Each ministry has a lot of exciting things going on, and the teams always appreciate your prayers! Finally, continue praying for me as well. This furlough has been a wonderful time to refresh and reflect on what God is doing around the world, however I am excited to get back to the field and join the awesome work in Malawi. And as always, thank you for everything you do for me, whether it is prayers or support or words of encouragement!

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