Santa Elena, Honduras

The month of May was rather busy for me, as I had several trips planned. But perhaps the best part of the month was spent working with St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in a small town in central Honduras.

Through a connection from my Emmanuel days I was able to travel to Santa Elena with a short-term mission team and experience life in Central America for a week. This was my first time in any part of Latin America, so I was excited to see another part of the world, experience completely different cultures and foods and see what missions looks like to our Methodist brothers and sisters.

IMG_0321The week was certainly hot, but was wonderful. The mission in Honduras seeks to create a safe space for children coming out of bad or abusive experiences, as well as focuses on teaching vocational skills to women seeking to provide for their families in more meaningful ways. I really enjoyed having conversations with the missionaries, swapping stories and ideas on missions and the victories and setbacks we have experienced on the field. It was fun to compare Honduran and Kenyan culture. And I discovered that Swahili has become my default communication tool when speaking to people who do not understand English, even if those people live inIMG_1983 Honduras and have never heard Swahili before.

I returned home rejuvenated and reenergized, having seen another corner of the Kingdom of God. It is incredible to find this kingdom lurking in every part of the world, slowly working itself out like a pinch of yeast in a batch of dough.

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