Board Meetings in Texas

Joining a new mission can be daunting as one begins learning how the ministry operates and goes about its business. Joining a new team can be scary, as everyone tries to adjust to new personalities and people. Joining a new vision can be bumpy, as you try to align yourself with the beliefs and future-oriented goals of the new organization.

For me, none of this is true.

This weekend I flew to Lubbock, Texas, to take part in the board meeting of Namikango. There were several purposes for attending this meeting. The first was to meet the board and to interview with them for my upcoming position at the mission in Malawi. This went off smoothly and effortlessly, owing to the graceful attitude of the board members and their eagerness to see the work in Malawi advance the Kingdom of God as much as possible. Another reason for attending, was to strengthen the ties between the mission in Malawi and CMF. As these two continue to partner together, both organizations need to understand each other and the goals and visions they both represent. Again, this was easily done, mainly because the two organizations stand united in the singular goal to build God’s Kingdom in Malawi, to the best of our abilities.

Yet another reason for going to Texas, was to meet the full missionary team that is already serving in Malawi. I had previously met some of them, but this was a chance for the entire team of five missionaries to get together and hang out, learn more about each other, and get the awkward introductions out of the way. Now, when we all reunite in Malawi, we will have a good foundation of friendship to begin building out team dynamics on.

And finally, the most important reason for traveling to Texas, was to catch the vision of Namikango and the work that has been going on there for almost sixty years. The mission is bigger than I could have imagined, and its ministries are affecting Malawi in huge ways. God is clearly moving in and through Namikango, and the work is, quite simply, amazing. It was not hard to catch this vision, and it made me excited and anxious to return to Africa, the field, and begin setting down roots in Malawi.

I left Texas feeling incredible, having made new friends, new teammates, having forged good connections with the board members and Christian communities across America, and ready for the next big chapter in Zomba.

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