Budgeting Time and Resources

Like it or not, September is in full swing. Summer (suddenly) fled, and even if the summer heat still lingers, thoughts have fallen on autumn and all its responsibilities. For a lot of people, including me, this means that school is back in session. I am taking Organizational Culture and Governance through Messiah College’s online program for higher education. This is the third class I have taken in this program, and the topic of consideration for the next few weeks is one of shared governance, or how colleges and universities organize who makes what decisions. This is not an easy answer, as different governing bodies must work together for the good of the school. This class is spent reflecting on who the decision-makers are, and how those decision-makers come to a consensus.

Meanwhile, as this class reflects on decision-making, I am beginning the process of wrapping up my time in the states. My furlough has stretched on a bit longer than I had anticipated, but not to my detriment. This time in the states has been one of refreshment, re-tooling, and perhaps most importantly, of getting to know my niece and nephew. Family has been a top priority, and spending these months with new family has been exhilarating.

But inevitably, my mind turns back to Africa, and the work being done there. And so, as I begin to wrap up my time in the states, looking forward to my departure, I have been working with CMF on my departure checklist. And the good news is, everything is checked off, except for my budget! I am currently 80% funded to return to Africa and move to Malawi, with my sending budget at 100%. These are great numbers, and I am so thankful for those of you who have continued to partner with me, and those of you who have joined my partnership team in the last few months. I am hoping that you will continue to pray for me as I seek out the last 20%, confident in our God that he will lead the right individuals, families, and churches into a partnership with the ministry in Malawi. As soon as I become 100% funded, I will be able to book a plane ticket and begin the next phase of ministry in Zomba. I am excited, and nervous, and above all, ready.

So as I continue to budget my time between support raising, classroom discussions, and family, please continue to pray for those people and churches God is preparing for partnership. And may we all seek and find God in the most unlikely places.

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