A Departure Date!

There have been a lot of exciting things happening in the last month regarding my move to Zomba, Malawi. The last month has also been, predictably, very busy, which means that all this good news has been building up.

But today I would like to share the best news so far, which is that I finally have a departure date for Malawi! After spending Christmas and new years with the family, I will be flying to Nairobi on January 8. Since my stuff is in Nairobi, I will spend a week there trying to get it put together and shipped to Malawi, before traveling there myself on January 15.

I am really excited about this news, as it gives me a date to work towards, and allows me time to spend with my family. It is also a little daunting, since January 8 is only three weeks away at this point. Suddenly I am remembering all the things I need to do to prepare to move to a new country!

Some of you have been asking about my funding, and how that is going. I am still looking to raise about $400 a month in order to be 100% funded. This can come in big amounts or small amounts, and every little bit chips away at the total figure. I am very positive that this amount is doable. If you are considering joining my partnership team, I would love to chat with you about what that looks like and how you can get involved! You can send me a private message on Facebook or by email. You can also check out my CMF page and set up electronic payments there as well.

As we move into Christmas week, please continue praying for me and for the ministry in Zomba. I would also ask that you prayerful consider partnering with me in this ministry as we seek to build the Kingdom of God in every corner of this world.

And now, as we wait in eager expectation for the coming of the Christ child, may we seek God out, and find him, in the least expected places. Have a merry Christmas!

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