News Update: Trip to Mozambique

Two weeks ago we held the Teacher Refresher Course at Namikango Mission in Thondwe. Over one hundred teachers from all over Malawi attended, and it was a wonderful week of learning, teaching, and fellowship. However, the churches in the brotherhood are also found in neighboring Mozambique, so this week Ben and I will be traveling deep into the bush of Mozambique in order to attend the Teacher Refresher Course there.

For us, this week will be a repeat of the week at Namikango, except in a new country and with a new group of teachers. For me, this will be my first time in Mozambique, and my first experience with Portuguese Africa. I am very excited to see how this part of the world is similar to and different from French West Africa and English East Africa.

Please continue praying for Ben and I as we travel through the bush, and for the Namikango staff as we teach and fellowship with our Mozambican brothers and sisters. My other teammate, Ryan and his family will also be traveling to another part of Malawi to visit the churches there. All in all it is a busy week for the team here. I look forward to updating you on this adventure next week once I return to Malawi and have access to an internet connection again!

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