Visiting Bible School Centers

Last Thursday I travelled to several villages outside of Zomba with some of the Bible School staff here at Namikango to do surprise inspections of the schools, which have been in session since last week. There are currently twenty-five Bible School Centers associated with the mission, and our intent was to drop in unannounced to see how the teachers are doing, what the class is learning, and to ask and answer any questions that are presented.

We visited three Bible School Centers in some remote villages in the Great Rift Valley. It was a beautiful day, which made the views outstanding and the drive a rather lovely experience. It was encouraging and amazing to me to visit these students, as well as watching the teachers in action. Sometimes you can get caught up in the work and business going on at the mission, and this was a good reminder that what we do at Namikango is just the tip of the iceberg. The schools and churches in the villages are doing amazing things, and the mission’s purpose is to support and encourage this vital work happening at the communal level.

It was a long, tiring day, but it was a good reminder of why I am here, and what kind of work we are engaged in. Likewise, it is always amazing to travel deep into the bush and discover Christian communities trying to live out the Kingdom of God. I am reminded of the psalmist who asked, “Where can I flee from your presence?” These remote villages respond in earnest, “nowhere!” God can be found, even here.

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