News Update: David’s Visit

Last Sunday we had the privilege of welcoming the CMF team supervisor, David, to Malawi for his first visit. He was making the rounds in East Africa, and jumped down to Malawi for a few days to hang out with the team here, as well as tour Namikango and meet some of the key staff working in Namikango’s various ministries.

It was a wonderful visit, if only for a few days. David had heard a lot about Namikango and Southern Malawi, but was able to see the ministry firsthand. He was also able to sit in on several meetings taking place last week, including a VSL training that was being held on campus. We even found some time to go “up the mountain” to the top of Zomba Mountain. What usually is an incredibly impressive view was unfortunately shrouded in a literal cloud, but we were able to relax and discuss the future goals of our missionary team.

As we said goodbye to David, our thoughts turn to the interns coming at the beginning of June. Preparations have begun in earnest to ensure that the interns have a full summer of ministry and can experience the many wonderful aspects of Namikango and Southern Malawi!

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