News Update: Fire Training!

The last week or so we have hosted visitors from Africa Fire Mission, a mission organization based out of Ohio that connects American firefighters with African fire departments. This mission helps fire departments in several African countries by providing training, equipment, and CHE, all through a gospel lens, so that these departments can better serve and protect their communities. It is a pretty cool mission, and one that I know well from my time in Nairobi, where the mission was idea was born.

The founder of the mission was connected with Missions of Hope in Nairobi, and I was able to watch as the mission took shape and began ministering in Nairobi. Since that time, Africa Fire Mission has grown and expanded outside Kenya, now looking towards Malawi.

This last week we have hosted the founders here at Namikango as they scope out the possibilities of ministering to the fire departments in Malawi (there are only four departments for the entire country) and assessing the need for training and equipment here. As an added perk for us, the staff of Namikango took part in a fire training by the Zomba fire department, and we had the chance to play with the fire extinguishers, which is always a lot of fun!

Africa Fire Mission is a good reminder that ministry, and Kingdom work, comes in all shapes and sizes, and defies any attempt at uniformity. God moves through people in communities in unique ways, even through fire departments!

(Photo credit goes to Africa Fire Mission)

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