Nyimbo za Mulungu (11)

The last few weeks I have been posting songs sung by the Journey Group meeting in April. This was mainly because being a part of that group has been a wonderful experience here, but also, because that group of men can really sing! Here is the final song from that meeting.

358 – Mudze kwa Yesu


One comment

  1. That sounds like There’s not a friend like Jesus, no not one, no not one.   Right?? Please continue to pray for Neil.  He has had such a bad time lately.  One think after another.  Now he has sores on his feet and has to keep them propped.  He has to go to heart Dr. next week for poor circulation in his legs.  He needs divine intervention.  I am so burdened about him.  We are headed to FL tomorrow to meet up with Renee, Shawn and kids.  Then we will all come back next Sat.  Prayers for safe travels appreciated.  Thanks Eric.  I told Marie you were praying forNeil and it really touched her.Karen


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