News Update: Mozambique Refresher Course and Journey Group

Last week was a very busy few days, as we hosted the Mozambique Refresher Course and a Journey group meeting at Namikango’s campus. Sunday evening about fifty teachers and church leaders from Mozambique arrived on campus, and Monday through Wednesday we went through the teacher refresher course we did in March for the Malawian leaders. If you remember, Ben and I, along with the Bible school staff, traveled to Mozambique at the end of March to go through this refresher course there, but encountered some issues which prevented us from completing the task. This refresher course took the place of that earlier trip, and provided a chance for most of these teachers to visit Namikango for the first time.

It was an extremely busy three days, as we crammed five day’s worth of lessons into three, but it was a wonderful experience. We were able to teach in Chichewa, which greatly reduced the translation time it would have taken to go from English to Chichewa to Portuguese. As with the other refresher course, we were able to go on a hike with the teachers at the top of Zomba Mountain, which was also a lot of fun. Overall, we were grateful that we could finally connect with these brothers, and give them the refresher training as they begin to teach the Bible schools in Mozambique.

Thursday and Friday of last week was spent with the Journey Group at Namikango. Even though I’ve only been a part of the group for several months now, the group celebrated its first anniversary together, and spent time reflecting on how they have grown as a group and as leaders of the churches. It was an encouraging time of looking back, as well as a time of reflection as the group looks forward to the next year and where they hope to be as leaders next year at this time. It was a busy week to be sure, but also a very encouraging week or growth and celebration with our brothers from Malawi and Mozambique.

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