News Update: Interns

At the beginning of June, CMF sent us five interns who will be staying with us for two months, with the goal of learning what it looks like to live and work in cross-cultural ministry. These five individuals are all college students seeking their vocational calling, and believe that, in some way, that calling may involve cross-cultural service. What that looks like, however, is still being revealed to them. Therefore they have come alongside us to live and learn what ministry can look like, and what the highs and lows of missions can be.

The last two weeks have been really fun, as we have been learning more about these students and as we have been watching them explore their new world and begin to figure things out. For some of them, this is their first time to Africa, and for others, they are coming to Southern Africa for the first time. The last week was spent introducing them to the various ministries here at Namikango, as well as some of the ministries that are going on around us in Zomba. We are trying to show just how diverse ministry can be, by showing all the forms that it is currently taking here.

Evenings have been spent around the dinner table, discussing theory and practice, theology and story, as we have all been explaining how we have been brought into the story God is telling here in this part of the world. They are a great group of people, actively seeking God and following where he is leading them, full of questions and excitement, and ready to jump into whatever new adventure presents itself. This summer promises to be a good experience, for them as well as us.

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