Camp Meetings

It is camp meeting season here in Malawi. Camp meetings are when a group of churches gather together for a weekend to worship, fellowship, and learn together. Usually the village churches are smaller, so these weekend-long events give local churches the chance to get together in a larger group and catch up, as well as listen to a few seminars hosted by Namikango staff. The whole weekend culminates on Sunday mornings, when the group gathers for a large church service and lunch before returning to their respective villages.

Each weekend for the next few months camp meetings will take place across Southern Malawi. I will be joining several of these meetings to fellowship with my brothers and sisters, to visit with them, and encourage them. Last Sunday, I visited the camp meeting in Machinga, close to Lake Malawi. There were about two hundred and fifty people present, representing thirteen churches from the local villages. We met outside in a thatched structure for church before being treated to a phenomenal lunch. Even though it made for a long day, it was certainly worth the energy it took to get there, as it is always fun and encouraging to be able to attend these meetings!

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