Ntonda Primary School

About half an hour outside of Zomba, towards Southern Malawi, is a primary school in the village of Ntonda. This school is government-run, like most public schools, however Namikango has partnered with it in order to ensure that the students at the school have the best chance at an education that will empower them and prepare them for the future. This school sits well off the beaten path, and it takes some effort to get to, therefore we do not get a chance to visit it very often.

However, as part of the intern’s orientation to Namikango’s various ministries, we drove out a few weeks ago to check in on the students and to show the interns the school. We arrived in time for the student’s Bible club. This weekly meeting is overseen by some of the teachers of the school, and provides a chance for the students to gather and sing songs before studying the Bible. We were able to sit in on the meeting and enjoy the wonderful singing and watch as the students discussed the story of Joseph’s temptations in Egypt. It was a great visit, as it always is when you are surrounded by a ton of kids. Over the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to hear some of the song presentations as well, so be sure to tune in on Thursday for the second song (and check out last week’s song)!

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