News Update: Visitors and Interns

The last few weeks have flown by in a blur of activity for us here at Namikango, which is why this blog has fallen by the wayside. The interns were wrapping up their time here with us, having spent eight weeks shadowing the ministries at Namikango and interacting with our staff. It was a really wonderful two months in which we were blessed to learn from the interns as well as show them a glimpse into what life looks like here in Southern Malawi. It was bittersweet to send the back to the states. We will miss their presence and fun attitudes, however we are excited to see where God leads each one after this experience.

Another reason the last two weeks was so busy was because a friend of mine came to visit Namikango and learn more about Malawi. The first week she was here she travelled with the interns and learned about the various ministries at Namikango and what missions looks like here in Thondwe. Then last week I was able to take her to different parts of this beautiful country to show her all the amazing animals and natural features that Malawi boasts. It was a great visit, and was time well spent.

My friend left last Sunday, and the interns left last Tuesday, and last week was spent settling back into the usual rhythm of work. Namikango is in the middle of several big projects, and it has been refreshing to jump back into the work in earnest!

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