News Update: The Last Few Weeks

I have been struggling with what to write the last few weeks. On the one hand, we are in a period of calm here at Namikango. Since the interns and visitors left, we have been catching up on work and experiencing normal work/rest routines, which has been a wonderful change of pace as we prepare for the next season of visitors and ministry.

On the other hand, the last few weeks have been anything but calm around the world, from race protests in America, to a rocky presidential election in Kenya, to the dozen or so terrorist attacks in West Africa, Europe, and America. It has all seemed a bit overwhelming, and a stark juxtaposition to the life we are currently experiencing here in Southern Malawi. I have struggled with what to write in response to the growing crisis in my home country, all the while waiting for word from my friends and former co-workers trying to safe in my first adopted country of Kenya. All these emotions have led to a place of quiet reflection, and I’ve withheld speaking as I try and process it all.

I say all this, not to showcase despair, but to ask for continued prayers for all these situations and countries in the midst of turmoil, and action in those places and situations where action is possible. Let us continue to stand, pray, and fight for what is right, for Kingdom values, and for the dignity of every life, regardless of race, tribe, nationality, or other dividing factors.

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