Southern Africa International Lectureship

Every spring here in in Southern Africa, one of the countries in our geographical region hosts the Southern Africa International Lectureship (SAIL). This three to four day conference invites Christians from all over Southern Africa to get together, learn, fellowship, worship, and hang out for a few days. It is always a highlight for whoever can make it, and it rotates around the continent every year, giving people opportunities to attend.

Next year, March 2018, Malawi will play host to SAIL. What’s more, it will be located in Blantyre, the closest city to Namikango’s campus (only about forty minutes away). This is a big deal for our area, and plans have been in progress for several months now. The conference will be hosted by several congregations in Blantyre, who have begun inviting missions and churches across the country to take part in the planning process. Last Sunday, a delegation from Blantyre visited Namikango’s campus for church, lunch, and discussions on the planning process. It was an informative meeting as they shared their current progress, and the ways that Namikango can help make this conference a success.

It is going to be a busy next few months for those churches as they prepare to welcome nearly 2,000 people from over eleven countries. We look forward to participating as well!

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