Leadership Seminar

On Saturday, the Namikango Bible Department held a Leadership Seminar in Thyolo, an area just south of Blantyre. The seminar was held for the leaders of the churches in this area, as well as those who were thinking about or preparing to become church leaders. The event lasted all day and covered various topics of church administration, namely, how to be an effective and Christ-centered leader of the churches. There were 145 leaders in attendance, and it was a great day of fellowship and teaching. I was honored to teach on biblical leadership from the angle of the Bible’s shepherd imagery. Progressing from Psalm 23 through Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34, we looked at what it meant to shepherd the people of God, discovering along the way that God’s passion lies in finding lost sheep, gathering his sheep together, and giving them life. We moved from these Old Testament images into the images Jesus gives us of the good shepherd, from Mark 6, Luke 15, and John 10. Finally, we applied these images of the good shepherd to church leaders today through the teachings of Peter in 1 Peter 5. The image of shepherding is a pervasive thought in the Bible, and helps us understand not only how church leaders should act, but reveals to us the heart of God’s desire for his people, and indeed for everyone. It was an enjoyable day in Thyolo and was a great experience to meet with the churches in the region. Like always, we left feeling very blessed to be able to encourage the churches and their leaders.

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