This new year has started out with a bang for Namikango Mission. The last several years the mission has been developing plans to utilize the mission property to its fullest potential, as well as construct a campus for the English Bible School, coming in 2019. The last two years have been full of planning meetings, visions, and endless conversations on the pros and cons of a million questions. However, last month several projects finally broke ground. This week I would like to highlight the first building of the English Bible School campus: a classroom block! The construction is moving quickly on this three-classroom building. The building was made possible by generous donations from two churches in the states. We are very proud of the progress of this building, as it will provide a space for agricultural trainings, classes in the new school, and a nice setting for community meetings. These three classrooms will go into use immediately after the building is ready. Stay tuned for more updates on the classroom construction, as well as highlights from the other major projects at the mission!

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