There are multiple projects currently in progress on Namikango’s campus. Last week I introduced the classroom block for the English Bible School and Agricultural Training. In addition to this exciting project, we have also been constructing a fence around the perimeter of Namikango’s property. Because the property is so large, and houses various ministries, it is hard to secure and maintain. As the property continues to develop, we wanted to ensure that our sustainable projects, our ministries, the staff who live on campus, and the school students all felt secure and comfortable being a part of Namikango’s work. This fence is now over halfway around the property, and progress is made every day. Once the fence has been built, bushes that dissuade hole-seekers will be planted to give the fence a prettier exterior. We are very excited about this addition to campus, as it adds to the growing sense that Namikango is expanding and improving its services to the local communities!

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