Leader’s Seminar in Zomba

Last Saturday Namikango Mission hosted a Leader’s Seminar for the churches in Zomba district. This day-long event was held at a local church in the town of Zomba, and saw leaders and representatives from churches all over the district travel to attend. Over three hundred leaders came, packing the host church and causing a lot of excitement. Overall it was a great day of fellowship and teaching. The Namikango Bible Department brought four lessons on what it means to be a leader in the Church of Christ, and how we can best serve our congregations. An added blessing to the day was a lack of rain. I say it was a blessing because hard rain on a tin roof can make it difficult for people to hear the speaker, so we were hoping for a beautiful day, and we got one (which is rare during the rainy season)!

These events are important for a number of reasons. The obvious benefit is that we are able to bring large areas together for teachings that are biblically grounded and theologically sound. An added benefit to these events though, is that it brings together churches and leaders who may not otherwise be able to network with each other. By coming together they can learn what each other is doing, can build church relationships, and can break down the walls and barriers that sometimes form between churches. These events bring everyone together, help remind everyone that we are all on the same side, and that we are striving for the same purpose. It was an incredibly encouraging day for me, as leaders continued to trickle in all day, and reminded me just how wide and diverse the Kingdom of God actually is!

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