Southern Africa International Lectureship

Over Easter weekend, the Southern Africa International Lectureship (SAIL) was hosted by Malawi in Blantyre. This major event is held every spring in a Southern African country, and is attended by representatives from all over the continent. It provides a great experience to meet and connect with Christians from multiple nationalities, and serves as a good reminder of just how wide and expansive the Kingdom of God actually is. This SAIL was attended by over 3,000 people from all over Africa, with a massive turnout from Malawians. It was a great way to celebrate Easter, gathered with many different nationalities and reflecting on this new community brought together by the good news of the empty tomb. At the end of Sunday’s service Malawi passed the torch to Swaziland, who will be hosting SAIL next year, and we all returned to our countries and places of work, refreshed and energized to jump back into the work.

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