Class in Session

Namikango Bible School is currently in a transition year, which provides many exciting events and opportunities to report on. One of the big transitions that is taking place is the ending of the Village Bible School program that has run for several decades. The curriculum that has been used for a long time was in desperate need of revision, reformatting, and updating, and is therefore being phased out. This means that the students who have been enrolled in the old curriculum need to graduate before the school can roll out its new programs and curriculum.

Therefore, students gathered on Namikango’s campus last week to begin taking the courses they still need to pass before graduation. Nearly forty students are now studying here with us for the next few weeks, attempting to pass all their requirements in time to be ready to graduate in September. This is an exciting time for the students and for the school, as it marks the last stage of a historic curriculum, and points towards exciting new programs on the horizon. The students arrived eager and excited to finish their studies, as well as to learn more about the new programs we will be offering in 2019. What an exciting time to be a part of the Namikango Bible School!

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