The First VBS Session

On Friday, Namikango Mission held a closing ceremony for the forty-two students who had been studying on campus for the last three weeks. These students came to Namikango in the beginning of April with the goal of finishing up the classes they needed in order to graduate from the Village Bible Schools in September. Since this year marks the official end of the curriculum being used in the Village Bible School, these students needed a chance to finish their studies before the new curriculum begins rolling out next year.

The classes on campus were different this time, with four teachers teaching a total of seven classes over the three-week period. This meant a rigorous study schedule for students, and a tough grading period for teachers, all of whom had to adjust to the new schedule. However, the students and teachers all rose to the challenge of an accelerated program. When the students were not in one of their many classes, they could be found working in the Namikango fields helping us harvest our corn crop, or holed up in the library, assisting each other with the course material.

We are proud to announce that of the forty-two students, eighteen were able to complete their studies, and the Village Bible School program as a result of this three-week intensive course. The remaining students still have several classes they need to complete, and will return in the beginning of May for the second, and final, three-week course designed so that these students can also complete their studies. Overall, we are very proud of these students and their hard work, dedication, and commitment to learning more about our God and his desire for all of us to be a part of his Kingdom.

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