Returning from Furlough

At the end of August I returned to Malawi from my three month furlough in the United States. Furloughs are always a wonderful experience. It creates time for me to spend with my family (and in this instance, to meet my newest nephew for the first time!) as well as my friends. Furlough also provides the opportunity to travel and visit all the individuals, families, and churches that partner with me and the ministries at Namikango. During this last furlough I travelled from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Utah and Texas. In each place I was struck by the generosity of Namikango’s partners and their excitement to take part in the Kingdom work here in Malawi. One of the many blessings of furlough is to be reminded of just how many people are praying for the ministries at Namikango. I have been back at Namikango for three weeks now, and am back into the rhythm of life on the ground here, excited to continue working with this great mission.

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