Women’s Seminar

At the end of July the Namikango Bible Department held a women’s seminar on Namikango’s campus. It has been several years since an event was held for women, and the villages have been asking for such an event in earnest. Word went out several months ago that this event would take place, and the reception of this news was energetic!

The event was several days long, and women began showing up very early. Initial estimates for the number of women who would show up was about 400. However, by the end of the seminar, over 1,200 women had registered, this number not including women who did not register and the babies and children they brought with them. Needless to say, Namikango’s campus was crawling with people. While most of the staff became occupied with figuring out housing and food issues for so many women, the Bible team began the seminar, training the women in Bible studies, VSL, and other practical lessons relevant to village women in Malawi. The event was a resounding success. The overwhelming response from the event was to hold these seminars more frequently, and to invite more women. It was a great reminder of just how vital women are to Kingdom work in Malawi, and how thirsty they are for teachings directed towards their contexts. Once again our staff was humbled by the incredible turn out of God’s people.

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