VBS Student Graduation

On September 19, 2018 Namikango hosted a graduation ceremony for students in the Village Bible School program. In the last year, the Village Bible Schools have made a concentrated effort to work with current students as they attempt to complete their requirements for graduation. In the spring of this year, Namikango held intensive courses on campus for students close to graduation, hoping that these students could finish the classes they need in time for the graduation. Fifty-six students attended those spring classes, and Namikango had the honor of graduating them during the ceremony.

In addition to these VBS students, one student in our distance learning program also graduated during the ceremony. Graduation day was really wonderful. Each student brought his or her family to the ceremony. In addition to the students and their families, several chiefs and other community representatives attended the program. Including Namikango staff, there were over two hundred people who came to celebrate these students’ achievements. After the program everyone was treated to a delicious lunch and many, many photos. This event was a good reminder of why the schools exist in the first place. This diploma instills confidence and biblical wisdom to men and women, preparing them for good work rooted in the teachings of Christ for his kingdom in Malawi.

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