Evangelism in Chikwawa

It was an exciting week for Namikango’s Bible team. They traveled deep into the south of Malawi to an area that has not had a lot of Christian activity in order to evangelize in the area. After meeting up with a local pastor who filled the team in on several of the recurring issues in the are, the Bible team set to work. The area they ministered to is called Chikwawa, and the major issue that the team discovered was that many people were Christians, brought up in the church, but had left for various reasons. As the team walked through villages they passed out some Bible materials and stopped to talk with whoever was willing to strike up a conversation. As the week went on the team was able to reconcile twelve people back to the church.

Additionally, the team was able to baptize fourteen people into the Kingdom of God! Namikango Bible team member Sam, waded into the Shire river (which has crocodiles and hippopotamus in it!) in order to baptize these brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. The team was able to encourage existing Christians and expand the Kingdom of God in Chikwawa, and we celebrate with the team as we welcome our new brothers and sisters in Christ!

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