Leader’s Seminar in Lilongwe

This last weekend we traveled to Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, in order to host a leadership seminar with the churches there. This seminar was particularly special and has been in the works for nearly a year now. Historically, there have been tensions between the central and southern regions in Malawi, and for several years there was a breakdown in communication between the churches in the two regions. Thankfully, this issue seems to be dying away and the two regions have been more open to conversations. Recently, the churches in Lilongwe asked Namikango to come visit them and to bring some of our teachings. This was a massive praise, and we quickly began laying the groundwork for such a meeting to take place.

After a lot of planning, the Bible team, Ryan, Ben and I were able to travel and meet with the leaders of a number of churches. This was a long day of teachings, conversations, and food, but with really great results. We were able to emphasize the unity of the church no matter what region the church was located in. Likewise, we were able to begin building relationships with churches we had never communicated with. Overall, this trip was a wonderful experience. We are now praying for continued conversations with these churches as we partner together to minister to the people of Malawi. When brothers and sisters live together in harmony, the Kingdom of God can be established with force.

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