Rainy Season

We are in the middle of the rainy season here in Malawi, and we are so thankful for the steadiness of the rain this year. Last year’s rainy season was not as predictable as it could have been, meaning the harvest was smaller than it should have been for many communities. Small harvests inevitably mean empty stomachs, and several regions of Malawi have been hard-hit by a lack of food. We are now entering the most desperate time of year for Malawi, the few months right before the next harvest when food supplies are at their lowest. People prayerfully await the growth of their crops and the promise of a good harvest.

This year, the rains have been steady and life-giving. Many communities are reporting that they are receiving the required amounts of rain. Everywhere you look, Malawi is bursting with green and small riots of color as the wildflowers spread along the roadsides. Namikango’s campus is completely made over, the forests thick again, with the monkeys wrestling and calling out through the tree tops. Please continue to pray for the rains here in Malawi, that they will come in the right amounts, that the crop-depleting insects will stay far off, and that we continue through this season of desperation with the hope of a coming harvest.

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