New Soccer Jerseys!

Namikango Mission has many amazing ministries that reach a lot of people across Malawi and Mozambique. This big ministries often get all the “press” coverage, because they are really exciting and impactful. However, Namikango also has small local ministries in its hometown of Thondwe. One of these small ministries is a soccer team that practices on Namikango’s soccer field and travels around Southern Malawi playing in various tournaments. This soccer team, bearing Namikango’s lion, is made up of young men from Thondwe, and while they enjoy soccer very much, the team provides a good place for discipleship as well. These young men gather together to do Bible studies and grow together.

This is a great “little” ministry, and it does not hurt that our soccer team is actually pretty good too! They had a great year last year, and are practicing hard for another wonderful year. To show our appreciation for all the hard work these young men put in, we just helped them buy new jerseys to keep them looking fresh and intimidating. With new soccer nets as well, Namikango’s soccer team is ready for another year of awesome games and discipleship!

Note: The picture that is attached to this article is not the Namikango soccer team, but rather the Namikango staff, who wanted to bless the uniforms by playing a friendly match with the soccer team. Needless to say, the staff lost, but the uniforms were duly blessed and passed off to their rightful owners!

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