Mozambique Teacher Refresher Course

At the end of February, the Bible Department traveled to Mozambique to host the 2019 Teacher Refresher Course in Milange. This annual meeting brings together all the Bible teachers who will be teaching in Namikango’s Village Bible Schools to offer refresher courses on the content for the coming academic year. Namikango has two Bible centers in Mozambique, one in Milange, a trading town on the border between Malawi and Mozambique, and Gurue, a small town deep in the heart of Mozambique. Teachers from both centers traveled to Milange to be a part of the two-day training. Along with the training materials, the Bible Department shared other valuable information, like updates on the ministries at Namikango and what is happening in Malawi this year. Additionally, the team was able to sit with representatives from different communities to discuss issues they were having and the best way to move forward. Overall this trip was very successful. Even though one of the Bible team members fell sick to Malaria while in Mozambique, the team was able to care for him as well as continue on in the planned work!

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