Missionaries in Mozambique!

Several years ago, a delegation from Mozambique came to Namikango to ask how they could be sent missionaries. They said that there was so much work that needed to be done in their communities, and they wanted to know how to start the process of receiving their own missionary who could live and minister in the country. Namikango’s response, at the time, was that no missionary was available. However, we were willing to train one or two Mozambicans at Namikango on how to be a missionary before sending them back to their own communities. Two men were selected, one representing Milange, and the other representing Gurue. These men came to Namikango and lived at the mission for over two years, learning as much as they could about Namikango’s ministries, training in the skills Namikango serves through, and learning about church leadership and the role of the missionary. Finally, last September, it was time to return them to the churches in Mozambique.

Since that time, they have been experimenting with ministry and seeing what missionary life is like. They have been working with the churches there to establish strong leadership and introduce new skills in community development. At the end of February 2019, the Bible Team traveled to Mozambique for the Teacher Refresher Course. After the course was completed, the team traveled to the churches in Milange and Gurue to talk about the missionaries and to hand them over to the churches in an official capacity. It was with much joy that the churches received their men back, exclaiming that finally they have missionaries!

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