Journey Group 3

During the last week of March Namikango’s Journey Group 3 met on campus for prayer, encouragement, and Bible Study. The Journey Groups are made up of small groups of disciples who are serious about their relationship with Jesus and want to become agents of change in their local communities. Namikango often identifies these grass-roots leaders and invites them to join one of these groups as they grow and encourage each other’s ministries. Journey Group 3 is particularly special, however, as it is Namikango’s first all-female discipleship group. Likewise, it is the first group held entirely in Chichewa.

Throughout his long ministry with Namikango Mission, Chitani Bakali, Namikango’s Village Bible School Coordinator, has had the privilege of traveling across Malawi and Mozambique, visiting with churches and local communities. Along the way, he has discovered a network of women who, lacking leadership opportunities in the local churches, have taken to leadership roles in their local communities. When asked to identify local women with leadership potential, Chitani’s eyes lit up as he quickly listed about thirty women who were ripe for discipleship training.

Since that time, twelve of these women have been invited to form Journey Group 3. These women meet frequently at Namikango’s campus, as Chitani and Zione, Namikango’s Women’s Minister, lead them through Bible studies and community development conversations. Just sitting in on one of these lessons is enough to excite you, as the women in this group excitedly dive into the problems in their communities and how to apply the gospel to their families through daily chores, community gossip, and Malawian politics. We at Namikango are so proud of these women and how they continue to build the Kingdom of God in small ways in their local communities, one brick at a time, through ceaseless passion, compassion, and smiles.

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