Exciting News!

Hello friends and family, I have an exciting announcement to make: I wrote a book! It is a collection of free-verse poetry that I co-authored with my teammate and good friend Ryan, written over the last two years. We would love to invite you on this journey with us as we prepare for the book’s release date on June 3, 2019.

Paralipomenon (parəlɪˈpɒmɪnə) is a bit of a strange word at first. It is a Latin word which means, “the things omitted from a work or added as a supplement.” Interestingly, it was the Latin title equivalent to the books of Chronicles in the Vulgate Bible. The books of Chronicles were seen as supplementary to the books of Kings. We chose this title because much of our poetry takes daily life and Midrashic commentary and brings it into conversation with the Bible. We have found that our lives here in Malawi act as a supplement to the story of the Divine we find in scripture, a kind of paralipomenon. Both life here in Malawi and scripture offer a dialogue and lens for the other, enriching and becoming more enriched.

Follow the book on Facebook for more information about the how and why it was written, and check out the book’s own blog to get more information about how you can get your own copy. Also, if you sign-up on the book’s blog, you will receive a free anthology of poetry as a gift from Ryan and I. This 50-page document presents some of the best poetry from some of the best poets around the world, and is a must read for any fan of poetry!

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