Ntonda Primary School Update

It has been several months since the storm that destroyed five classroom blocks at Ntonda Primary School. During that time we had several surveyors and contractors working with Namikango to assess the situation, from possible building designs down to dirt quality sampling. While all of that was in progress, we were attempting to raise the money needed to construct five classrooms by appealing to churches, individuals, and relief organizations.

We were able to settle on a design for a brand-new classroom block at Ntonda that was efficient and reasonably priced, and miraculously several churches and an organization were able to raise the money needed to begin the construction project. A few weeks ago, a contractor was selected and work on the building’s foundation was begun.

The work here is moving quite quickly, considering this foundation was hand-dug. Soon, the foundation will begin, and the building will go up pretty quickly. We are so excited to contribute a new building to this school. Additionally, the local community has agreed to help the project by donating the materials needed to repair and rebuild two houses that teachers stay in. Overall, this school is getting a massive upgrade! In the background of the photo you can see one of the destroyed classroom blocks, which will soon be deconstructed for materials.

Check back to follow the progress on this exciting project!

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