Southern Region Youth Meeting

The churches in Malawi’s Southern region have been looking for ways to involve the youth in church activities in the last few years. One of these ways for youth involvement was to have a youth seminar several times a year. This massive gathering of youth from nine districts is planned by the local churches. For the first youth event of this year, the churches asked if Namikango would host the youth event on our campus. We agreed to host it, providing the space for the event as well as housing for the youth. We were expecting about 400 youth to attend the event, so we prepared ourselves well to receive that many youth.

When the time came for the seminar, youth started arriving on campus by the bus. Before the end of the first day over 700 youth were in attendance! As staff began looking for places to house the new arrivals, the event got underway. The weekend-long event was a massive success, with the only issue being getting meals to 700 youth in a timely fashion! It was great to be able to host this many youth on campus and to introduce them to Namikango and all the ways they can be involved in ministry.

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