Journey Group 1

A few weeks ago, Namikango’s first journey group met for the first time this year. This group is nearing its third-year anniversary as a group, which is really exciting for those of us with the mission. This is an incredible group of men, and the journey that they have been on has been transformative. This group of men had a hard year last year. One of the members of the group died in a car accident, another lost his wife in tragic circumstances, and still others endured difficult family situations, bad harvests and other issues.

Yet this last meeting was proof of how incredible a small group can be. These men were so full of joy and peace, so ready to pray for and encourage each other, and so ready to dive into the Bible to learn more about the God who finds us and brings us to himself. This journey group is one of our biggest encouragements and such a blessing to us at Namikango!

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