Coffee Processing Facility

One of Namikango’s sustainability projects over the last few years has been clearing and planting several coffee fields. This has been a big project for the mission, as coffee plants require a lot of care and attention, as well as particular growing conditions. However, over the last few years we have learned how to grow good plants that are ready to start producing coffee beans. These beans will be harvested, prepared, and roasted in order to sell to local coffeeshops and other businesses who buy coffee. The goal of this project is to generate income that will help offset some of the ministry costs that Namikango uses.

Now that the coffee plants are nearing maturity, construction on the coffee processing facility has begun on Namikango’s campus. Set near the fields for easy access, this beautiful building is nestled into a beautiful corner of Namikango’s property, and will house the entire coffee processing process, from collecting the raw beans from the fields through to roasting, packing, and storing coffee for sale. This will be the one-stop shop for all things related to Namikango coffee. As the building takes shape, the coffee harvest season approaches, and we are so excited to begin the next phase of this adventure, and we are really looking forward to some homemade coffee!

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