Soccer Field Construction

Anyone who knows anything about sports and Africa will tell you that soccer is king here. There is no competition for the top spot, soccer has a firm grip on Africa. Everyone follows international, national, and local leagues, and it is hard to go too far in a conversation without soccer making an appearance. Unfortunately for Malawi, the amount of available fields that are good for leagues to play on are very limited, causing teams to scramble to book fields and general mayhem as other teams are forced to play on less than ideal fields.

A while back, Namikango began plans to level and clear a soccer field-sized area of the campus and to develop a good soccer field for local teams to rent and use. Not only would this be seen as a great idea by the local community, but it would use land already in our possession, as well as become an income-generating business for Namikango. Over the last few months workers have cleared the trees, de-stumped the ground and manually leveled the field. This has been an incredible process, but the field is starting to take shape, and the Namikango soccer team is eager to test it out. We are excited by this project, and can’t wait to begin hosting soccer games on campus!

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