Hiking Nthonya

A few weeks ago, before our summer of visitors started, Ryan, Ben and I took the opportunity to climb a mountain just outside of Zomba. Of course, Zomba town is situated right at the base of the always impressive Zomba Plateau, a commanding presence in any scenic shot. However, a lot of smaller, single mountains jut out of the terrain just outside the town.

One of these mountains is called Nthonya, and it is a mountain I pass on my daily commute to Namikango. It is an impressive little mountain, and we have been talking about hiking it for some time. It was a really great hike (although we were all a bit sore afterwards!) and offered fantastic views of Zomba, the plateau, and the surrounding villages that we so often find ourselves ministering in. It is always so great to step back from the work here and just enjoy this amazing country that Malawi is!

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