People vs. Machines

As we have been developing Namikango’s campus over the last few years, we have engaged in several construction projects. From buildings to pumps, solar panels to irrigation and agriculture, development has taken nearly all forms on Namikango’s campus. One of our massive projects has been to create and develop a full-size soccer field suitable for official soccer games (surprisingly, good quality soccer fields are virtually non-existent in our part of the country). The piece of ground that was selected for the soccer field was a sharply sloped forest, so a lot of work needed to be done to clear the forest and level the ground.

In this process, the heavy machines that should have been helpful in doing these major tasks were either unavailable or outrageously expensive, so Namikango employed a dedicated team of workers who, with simple shovels, axes and human muscle, cleared the forest, de-stumped the ground, and painstakingly leveled out a full-size soccer field! This impressive feat never ceases to amaze us. As the finishing touches are being built for the field, the team is painstakingly erecting a fence around the parameter and seeding the entire field for grass, watering every inch along the way. This is one project where people power has triumphed over machines!

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