A Season of Visitors

The last few months have been an incredibly busy time for Namikango. From the end of May to the end of July, we have been privileged to host several teams of visitors including two Namikango board members, several supporting churches, and three sets of parents! Some of the groups came just to check out the work at Namikango and witness the ministry firsthand. Another church came to Malawi to jump right into ministry, providing a whirlwind week of activities for our staff and the students at Ntonda School. Others, friends and family, came to check out what life looks like on this side of the world.

At the same time as the visitors, the Education Department here at Namikango entered the camp meeting season. This is a period of months where we host weekend-long services around Malawi for groups of churches to gather together, learn, and worship together. These are exciting events, and it was perfect that all of our visitors came at a time where they could witness these events firsthand.

Because Malawi is so remote, we rarely receive visitors of any kind, so to have a season of visitors this year was truly awesome. Visitors bring with them excitement and energy, and often remind us of just how cool Malawi and Namikango are. They help us see the ministry through new eyes again, which is always an encouragement to the missionary team here!

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