Opening the Classroom

A few months ago, the construction of our new three classroom building on Namikango’s campus was completed. A few weeks later we had a board member visit Namikango to see the ministry and the campus. We were delighted to use his visit to officially open the classroom and hold the first training. This event was quite the celebration, as the classrooms were the first building project started on campus as we move Namikango into a new phase of ministry. It’s completion also marked the first new building being put to use and provides much needed classroom space for a variety of purposes. Nearby, the administration building continues construction as the campus continues to take shape, pointing to a promising future!

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  1. Hello Eric,Glad to hear from you.  I don’t know if you have kept up with my Facebook posts to know that Larry and Marie’s son Neil passed away in July.  It has been a tough summer.  Ken had to step down as minister because of Becky’s health situation. We are in the process of searching for a new minister.  Bobby McGee’s brother in law, who had been attending Gap Creek for a couple of years,passed away a few weeks ago and Marlene Carr’s father passed away last week.  . Just wanted to update you on that in case you didn’t know.  Pray for Larry and Marie.  They are having a hard time.  And pray for the church in our search for a minister.  Marlene and Ken will be passing through the first of October on their way back from the beach and will be stopping by.  Ethan and Emme are back in school.  Ethan is in 10th grade and Emme is in 5th.  Ethan continues to love being in the band.  Emme is taking dance and seems to enjoy it but not in love with it.  lol.  Take care and keep in touch. Karen


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