Ntonda Primary School

For various reasons, this summer we have had a lot of interactions with our partner school at Ntonda. This school has 1,700 students, and visiting is always a kind of semi-controlled chaos. The school is out in the village, so after a half hour drive from Zomba the school looms up in the middle of a rural spot. The school is made up of several buildings in a u-shape, with a large open space in the middle for the children to play games in. Any car that arrives at the school is immediately mobbed by countless children trying to greet the newcomers and shake hands. The new classroom block is nearly completed, and looks beautiful as a part of the campus.

One of the fun things about working at Missions of Hope was that the offices were connected to the school, so there were always kids around yelling and having fun, waiting to greet you and shake hands. Kids are a good way to remember not to take things too seriously. We don’t have very many kids around the offices at Namikango, so visiting Ntonda is a good way to reconnect with the ministry through a kid’s eyes, experience some fun, and realize that everything is not as serious as you think it is. It is for these reasons that the trips to Ntonda these last few months have been full of excitement and energy!

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