The Team

Shockingly, the year is beginning to wind down with alarming speed. It is always this time of year when it becomes obvious how far we have come over the last several months, and how far we still have to go to complete the intended goals for the year. This is true both professionally and personally. As I have been working with my coworkers to outline the last few months of 2019, I have been reflecting on the last year and beginning to look towards next year and what it could possibly hold. As I was looking back through photos of this year, I came across this one of the missionary team taken in June when our parents were visiting. It seems like an age ago when our folks were here enjoying the cool weather of Malawi. We were in the middle of visitor season when this photo was taken, and we are beginning to line up visitors for next year as I sit and write this. It is amazing how time can slip by in massive chunks!


  1. EricI sent you an email a few months ago about some deaths  in our family and at the church etc and never heard back.  Did you get it? Karen


    1. Hey Karen, sorry to hear about that. I don’t remember getting an email from you though. I wonder if it somehow landed somewhere else. I’ll go back through and check, but in any case, maybe you could send me a new email?


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