Ntonda Teachers’ Visit

Namikango has a long partnership with a government primary school just outside of Zomba in the town of Ntonda. This partnership helps the school and benefits the students by allowing Namikango to provide programs and materials for the students’ education. We frequently send staff members to the school to check on things and discuss issues with management; however it has been years since the Ntonda staff came to Namikango’s campus.

In September, just before the school term began, we invited the faculty and staff of the school to campus for a day of activities. In the morning we gave campus tours, showing the Ntonda staff around the campus and various ministries at Namikango. Then, after a substantial lunch, we spent the afternoon in smaller groups, getting to know each other better. It was a really wonderful day, and staff from both Ntonda school and Namikango all agreed that this event should happen more often.

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