A Year in Numbers

Working with the churches throughout Malawi is one of the major ministries that Namikango Mission takes part in. This ministry involves visiting with churches to teach, preach, offer encouragement, and mediate issues and conflicts.  We also visit churches to explain and offer our other ministries and resources such as CHE, VSL, and conservation agriculture. In addition to dedicating new church buildings and attending seminars and trainings, last year was full of church visits and camp meetings. Here is Namikango’s church ministry in 2019 by the numbers:

27       Sunday church visits

138    Churches represented in these visits (that’s an average of 5 churches present at each visit!)

3,280 People present at the church visits (that’s an average of 121 people present at each visit!)

19       Camp meetings hosted

422    Churches represented at the camp meetings (that’s an average of 22 churches present at each camp meeting!)

6,503 People present at the camp meetings (that’s an average of 342 people present at each camp meeting!)

1         Leadership seminar hosted by Namikango in the Central Region

140    Churches represented at the seminar

424    Leaders present at the seminar

1         Evangelism campaign held this year

151    People heard the gospel preached in their homes

20       People were baptized

165    Other baptisms were reported from the churches throughout the year

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