Christmas Party

While we may be halfway through February by now, I would be remiss if I did not shine a spotlight on the annual Christmas party that Namikango has at the end of every year. Last year was no different. The last day of work before Namikango closed for Christmas, the staff and their families gathered together to eat, laugh, pass out gifts and awards, and remember how far we came in 2019. These parties are always a lot of fun, and provide a good opportunity to step out of our work roles and just mingle together as coworkers in the Kingdom of God.

The staff take particular joy in voting for and awarding different staff members with certificates such as “Employee of the Year” and “Best Dressed.” And as always, the highlight of the event is the massive lunch that everyone looks forward to. It is always enjoyable to laugh and relax as one big Namikango family, and this end-of-year party provides one of the only times when staff from the mission and staff from the maternity gather together for a massive lunch. This party serves as a good reminder of just how big the Namikango family is, and how far we were able to travel in our ministries in the last year.

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