The Administration Building

One of the biggest construction projects Namikango has ever initiated is the Administration building located in the center of campus. This two-story building has been under construction for nearly two years, and has been the focal point of many conversations and vision-casting. The building will provide much needed office space for all of Namikango’s mission staff, a need that has been present for many years of people working out of old and dilapidated buildings. Once everyone is moved into this new building, the older buildings on campus can be properly renovated, updated, and put to better use for Namikango’s many ministries.

We have watched this building slowly take shape over the last few years, and now, as the building reaches completion, we are preparing to move Namikango’s ministries into our new space. We are so grateful for all the churches and individuals who contributed to this dream and helped make it a reality, and we look forward to breaking in this wonderful addition to Namikango!

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